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[VIDEO] Hyundai Hope on Wheels 2015 Year in Review

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Hope on Wheels 2015 Year in Review

To give back to the community, Hyundai Motors USA established Hyundai Hope on Wheels in 1998, a nonprofit group working against childhood cancer. In its 17th year, the organization gathered contributions from over 800 dealerships and donated these funds to search for a cure.

Hyundai Hope on Wheels has released a video of the highlights of 2015, which you can watch below.

The year-in-review video begins with sobering statistics about the amount of children who are diagnosed with cancer every year.

It then moves to the first highlight of the year: the annual opening kick-off convention in New York City. The event involved collaborative sessions with The Moms Mamarazzi to address issues facing parents whose children suffer from cancer. Organization leaders also announced new contributions to pediatric cancer research funding and presented multiple scholarship awards.

After reflection on the impact of parents in the “Ambassadors of Hope” campaign, the video focuses on Hope on Wheels DC Days, when CEO Dave Zuchowski discusses the milestone that dealerships across the US have raised $100 million in contributions.

Other highlights include 5K races,donation ceremonies hosted at and for hospitals during national cancer awareness month, and the annual fundraising gala at the United States Institute of Peace.

So the next time you see a hand print, remember what Hyundai Hope on Wheels is doing for kids across America.