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[VIDEO] Man Passes Out at Wheel, Drives Mustang into Field

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Passed Out at the Wheel

Paul Yearly was likely incredibly happy with his purchase after he picked up a used fourth-generation Mustang earlier this year. After he found himself unconscious behind the wheel, tearing through farmland and coming perilously close to driving straight into highway traffic, he was likely incredibly happy to come away alive.

Yearley’s video, viewed more than 1.9 million times on YouTube, depicts an April 2nd crash wherein he appears to suddenly pass out at the wheel due to a “previously unknown medical condition.” With Yearley’s head lolling backwards, his Mustang goes barreling down a short embankment and into a field, narrowly missing a head-on collision with a telephone pole.

Almost Hitting a Pole

Yearley’s foot never seems to leave the accelerator, which causes him to veer back around and head toward the freeway. Fortunately, the Mustang cuts left, sending him back into the field and away from traffic.

Yearley eventually comes to and regains control of the vehicle. Damage to the vehicle appears to have been merely superficial, and Yearley appears not to have sustained any significant injuries.

Oddly enough, almost the entirety of Yearley’s YouTube video description is geared toward his struggles with the insurance company, and several outlets have noted the strange placement of Yearley’s over-the-shoulder dashcam. Speculation as to the video’s authenticity is rampant, but one thing is clear: it’s pretty terrifying to watch.

Via: CarScoops