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[VIDEO] New Camaro Z/28 Prototype Crashes into Wall at Nürburgring

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A Camaro Z/28 prototype was caught on camera colliding with the wall at Nürburgring

A smashed fender and aero damage on vehicle’s right side were the only casualties
Photo: © YouTube

After a Camaro Z/28 prototype was spotted testing yesterday at Nürburgring, cameramen flocked to the track to take video and one person even managed to film the car crashing into the wall at the legendary racing facility.

Thankfully, nobody appeared to be injured. However, the same couldn’t be said about the Chevy prototype, as the front fender was smashed and the side of the vehicle appeared to suffer a good bit of damage. The crash can be seen in the video below, with the part you’re interested in viewing taking place at approximately the 1:35 mark.

It appears the driver took too much speed into the corner and when he hit the brakes, the rear wheels locked up first, and then about a second later the front wheels also locked up, causing the car to slide up the track into the protective barrier. There was brief moment after the collision where at least three of the prototype’s wheels were lifted completely off the ground.

After the wreck, the driver managed to steer the car off the pavement and into the grass. Both the driver and passenger walked away without any noticeable limping. The camouflaged prototype was then covered and hauled away in a truck.

Although General Motors declined to speak specifically about the Camaro’s accident, a GM spokesperson did tell AutoBlog that “safety is our overriding priority.”

Also, reports have previously indicated the new Z-28 could possibly come with a twin-turbocharged V6 engine, but the Camaro in this video definitely sounds like there’s a burly V8 lurking underneath its hood.

Chevrolet will likely be performing more testing before the vehicle makes its public debut, but until then don’t forget to visit The News Wheel for any updates about the new Camaro Z-28.

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News Source: AutoBlog