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Video Supercut Shows Every Single Shift in the “Fast & Furious” Franchise

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Supercut video showing every time someone shifts gears in the Fast & Furious franchise

Have you ever wondered just how many times someone shifts gears in the Fast & Furious franchise?

No, not at all? You’re a bit too busy to spend time contemplating such an inane question, you say?

Well, luckily, someone out there with a less demanding schedule than yourself not only had time to ponder how many shifts are in all seven Fast & Furious movies, but to count up each and every one of them in a video supercut (SPOILER ALERT: it’s a lot).

If you can squeeze two and a half minutes into your busy schedule, go ahead and take a moment to watch the shift hit the fan:

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Well, there you have it: there are a whopping 236 gear changes dramatized over the course of the series. You can expect that number to rise even further when Furious 8 hits theaters on April 14, 2017.

While we’re on the subject, here are some other staples from the Fast & Furious franchise that I’d like to see an official tally of (assuming the makers of this video have even more time on their hands):

  1. How many cars get totaled over the course of the series?
  2. How many times do people walk away unscathed from crashes that would definitely be fatal over the course of the series?
  3. How many Coronas are consumed over the course of the series?
  4. How many times is the word “family” used over the course of the series?
  5. How many instances are there of faceless women gyrating their hips and/or grinding on one another over the course of the series?
  6. How many explicit love scenes are there between Dom and Brian over the course of the series… in the unrated European releases, that is?

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