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[VIDEO] Is Surfing at Night Possible Using Mazda2’s LED Headlights?

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Mazda2's Adaptive LED Headlights night surf on beach Portugal commercial

Is the Mazda2 bright and intuitive enough to keep these four surfers in the light?
Photo: Mazda Europe via YouTube

It’s hard enough for most people to be able to grab a surf board and conquer the undulating waves rolling along the beaches of the west coast during the day, but how challenging would it be to surf the beaches of Portugal…in freezing January temperatures…at night?

Mazda believed it could master that challenge–with the assistance of some talented surfers and technicians. To advertise the redesigned Mazda2’s adaptive LED headlights, the automaker set out to prove the supermini’s headlights could be used to surf at night in Mazda’s “Challenge the Night” commercial.

Mazda2’s LED Headlights Show How Bright They Are

Mazda2's Adaptive LED Headlights night surf on beach Portugal commercial production

The pitch black night is illuminated by the Mazda2…and a spotlight
Photo: Mazda Europe via YouTube

In a trilogy of minute-long behind-the-scenes video, we see the challenge it was for Mazda’s production team to organize and execute a commercial spot for the new Mazda2. The “Challenge the Night” endeavor pitted four extreme surfers against pitch black, freezing waters.

After scouting for an ideal location–and finding one in Peniche, Portugal–the production crew recruited master surfers Laura Crane and Joackim Guichard to don LED-clad wetsuits and lighted surfboards. While preparing, they met the mayor of Peniche, who hands out sardine cans to everyone, and enjoyed some delicious ginger tea to stay warm from the frigid wind.

Despite some setbacks with the tide and lack of moonlight, the crew was able to capture the needed footage just before the sun began rising.

You can watch the final result of the challenge–a successful night surf expedition–in the 20-second video below. The spot features the song “Somebody, Grab The Wheel” by Whitey.