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[VIDEO] These Commercials Showcase Awesome New Chevy (Mostly)

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Dominos DXP on the salt flats

Once more, a Chevrolet vehicle is appearing in a commercial, which praises it over and over as a “car of the future.” A lab-coat-wearing man inspects it closely, his face at the same time impressed and surprised. A smiling woman confidently powers the car through the rain, looking completely in control as she navigates through the downpour.

In another commercial from the same series, the Chevy rockets across the salt flats, trailing dust and kicking stones up for hundreds of feet behind it. Finally, the car stops, and out steps the confident young man piloting this machine. Then he gets the pizza from the back. “Did you guys order pizza?” he cries.

Yeah, we were pulling a fast one; these commercials are for Domino’s Pizza.

The vehicle is a Chevrolet, although a very special one. These commercials are showcasing the Domino’s DXP, a specially-outfitted Chevy Spark containing features especially tailored for delivering pizza. Domino’s launched its original fleet of 97 DXPs last year, but it is hard to say whether or not they have had an impact on sales. However, demand for these vehicles from franchisees has been so strong that Domino’s plans to build another 50 this year.

“It’s a tangible example of the fanaticism we feel as a pizza delivery company,” said Chief Marketing Officer Joe Jordan. “We really did do this. This is a dedicated, purpose-built pizza delivery car.”

While we certainly can’t speak for the public as a whole, we would probably order pizza more often if we knew it was going to be delivered in one of these high-tech machines. When else can you enjoy a piping hot delivered pizza straight from an in-car heating oven?


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