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[VIDEO] Volvo’s Braking System Stops 40-Ton Semi in Seconds

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Volvo is known for its commitment to making the road a safer place, as was made apparent by the Swedish automaker’s Vision 2020 commitment, which aims to have no deaths or serious injuries in or by a Volvo car by 2020. Recently, the carmaker discussed its connected vehicle testing, and now it’s talking about a new safety technology called Collision Warning with Emergency Brake. The video below shows just how the technology works:

This revolutionary braking system has been developed with Volvo’s semi trucks in mind—in fact, it was developed by Volvo Trucks Global, which wants to make its trucks some of the safest on the market. Watching the technology in action, it’s easy to see how this could be the case.

Using this technology, Volvo hopes to eliminate deadly crashes caused by truck drivers who become incapacitated or fall asleep at the wheel. The technology senses when the truck is getting too close to the vehicle in front, and sends out a warning before braking sharply and coming to a stop almost immediately. The truck featured in the video is carrying 40 tons of cargo, but it’s still able to stop just short of hitting the car in front.

Volvo Trucks emergency braking

The truck manages to stop short of hitting the car in front

While this technology is currently being tested in trucks, we see no reason that it shouldn’t find its way over to Volvo’s cars in the next few years. Certainly, introducing this revolutionary feature would be a huge step towards accomplishing Volvo’s Vision 2020 commitment.