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[VIDEO] Watch Matt Damon Wreak Havoc in Newest ‘Jason Bourne’ Trailer

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Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne remembers who he is and he doesn’t look too happy about it

Jason Bourne remembers who he is now. And certainly remembers how to drive like a bat out of hell. In the most recent trailer for Jason Bourne, the next installment of the film series, we get a taste of Bourne’s driving skills… and it looks like a crazy amount of fun.

While driving a manual-shift Dodge Charger (excuse us while we drool), Bourne chases down a Bearcat SWAT truck through the congested streets of Las Vegas. We don’t know exactly why he’s chasing this SWAT truck—the trailer doesn’t really give us a big taste of the plot, merely a whole lot of action—but the chase is entertaining in itself. There is plenty of vehicle carnage, which makes us want to see the movie. Who doesn’t base their decision to see a movie on the amount of cars blowing up in the trailer, after all?

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VIDEO: Watch the full Jason Bourne trailer

And the trailer starts with Jason Bourne knocking out a guy who is twice his size. Really, does it get any better?

Oh, yeah. It does. Because of the cars.

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There’s a lovely motorcycle scene at 1:20. A pretty awesome explosion at 1:37. And then comes our personal favorites—all the scenes that involve the SWAT truck.

There it is crashing into a casino. There’s the Dodge Challenger taking a Las Vegas median, narrowly missing a cop car. And then an unbelievable vehicle massacre that starts at 2:02 and doesn’t seem to last long enough, ending with vehicles flying in the air as the screen turns black.

Jason Bourne might not find any peace with himself, but really—if he keeps driving the way he does, we can forgive him for it.

The newest Jason Bourne film is set to arrive in theaters this July.