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[VIDEO] Watch This Payload Robot Play with a Corvette like a Bath Toy

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You know how, in cartoons, occasionally giant robots and city-destroying monsters will plop down on the street, pick up a few cars, and wave them around making vrooming noises like a little kid?

Well, minus the vrooming noises, here’s a giant payload-shifting robot doing exactly that with a Chevy Corvette.

That robot is the FANUC M-2000iA/1700L, demonstrating its abilities at the 2016 International Manufacturing Technology Show. FANUC America explains in the video description that the car is a fully-functional 2016 Corvette Stingray (which weighs in at 3,298 pounds), an easy lift for a machine series whose payload capacities range from 900 kg (almost 2,000 pounds) to 2,300 kg (over 5,000 pounds).

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The robot controls the movement of the arm and the positioning of the Corvette using special software called DCS Speed and Position Check, which restrict the robot’s movement somewhat to remain in one particular working space, as well as DCS Orientation Check Function, which keeps the robot from accidentally tipping too far and dumping the car on the floor.

Either way, the movement of the robot’s various arms and joints make the demonstration an almost balletic performance, so long as you don’t watch the guys in the yellow blazers ruining the grace of the machine with their sped-up arm flailing and uncomfortable “I’ve been standing for a long time” shuffling.

And, it’s always nice to remind yourself of the powerful machines that go into manufacturing the things around us.

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