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Vin Diesel Drives a DeLorean in Fast to the Future Trailer

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Vin Diesel drives a DeLorean in Fast to the Future

Vin Diesel is America’s most automobile-friendly actor—not only is his last name a type of fuel, but his first name is an acronym for a vehicle’s identification number. And while we’ve seen Vin behind the wheel of tons of different sports cars over the years, we’ve never seen him drive a classic DeLorean…

Until now.

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IGN has mashed up the Back to the Future and Fast and Furious franchises to create this one-minute teaser trailer for Fast to the Future, which shows Diesel hitting 88 mph in Hill Valley (specifically the bad Hill Valley, where Biff owns a casino).

Sadly, the movie’s not real, but rather a pretty clever April Fool’s Day joke. We especially like the film’s release date, October 21, 2015, the date that Marty time travels to in Back to the Future Part II. (It’s also the day after the Cubs will win the World Series, thereby earning one lucky fan a free DeLorean).

Too bad it’s just a joke—this movie would have been a great chance for Dame Helen Mirren to work with her favorite fellow thespian.

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