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VIN Etching on Windows May Protect Your Car from Thieves

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Car Theft Protection

Car thieves are a crafty bunch who can pick locked doors, hack key fobs, silence alarms (or just move at lightning speed to access the interior and disarm the waling), and outwitting them is a frustrating concern of drivers everywhere. But, AAA East Central has found a new, surprisingly simple way to deter thieves from targeting cars of drivers in Elizabethtown.

On October 16, the organization held a Vehicle Identification Number etching event where drivers could have their VIN number etched on each of their vehicle’s windows.

“Police say that before a stolen car can be resold the thief would have to replace all the windows with a VIN number sketched into it,” reports WAVE 3 News writer Greg Phelps. “Police believe thieves are less likely to steal a car with this protection because of the cost to replace the windows.”

How to protect your car from thieves

The first and most efficient strategy to protect your car from car thieves is too make it as difficult as possible for someone to drive off in your ride. GEICO insurance experts offer these tips:

Doors should be locked at all times and when you leave your car, make sure your keys go with you. Windows and the sunroof should not be open when your car is left sitting in a parking lot and letting your car run while you jump out to get something is a bad idea. Hide any valuables in the trunk, glove box or under the seat — anywhere greedy eyes can’t see. Try to park in a lighted area at night and invest in an anti-theft system.

News Source: WAVE 3 News, GEICO