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Vinli Technology Could Give Old Cars Connective Technology

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Vinli will make it feel like you have this snazzy infotainment system, even in your older car

If you drive an older car, it’s likely you salivate at the connective technology that is becoming prevalent in more modern models. With more and more carmakers offering standard infotainment systems, Bluetooth® streaming, and auxiliary jacks, if your vehicle lacks any of these terrific features it’s pretty easy to feel slightly jealous of other drivers.

But soon, you might be able to join them, rather than envy them.

Though a recent study claims that drivers aren’t using the new in-car technology they pay for, Vinli disagrees. To make connective technology more available— and easily updated—the technology company is offering a way to stay connected.

The new device plugs into the on-board diagnostics port used by mechanics, running on the Linux OS to provide drivers with a GPS, accelerometer, custom firmware, and a WiFi hotspot. This means more people will be able to connect to WiFi while driving–while also having the ability access basic diagnostic information.

Regardless of the car’s model, Vinli will work. As a whole, this technology acts as a platform for developers to create apps and services for most cars. Currently, the company has 20 apps available, which they just released at the beginning of August. They hope to have 150 by the end of the year.

News Source: Buzzfeed