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Viral Video of a Dog Damaging a New Vehicle’s Bumper

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dog destroys bumper

You have to admire the dog’s tenacity in pursuing his goal. Maybe automakers should start using dogs to help test the “durability” factor of their vehicle bumpers

Anyone surfing the internet recently has likely stumbled upon a viral video of a dog ripping apart a new van’s bumper. Jessica Dilallo was the unfortunate vehicle owner who witnessed the event.

Apparently the dog was trying to catch the two cats who were staked out under the vehicle’s hood. As understandably frustrating as Dilallo must have felt watching the damage to her new van, I can’t help but sympathize with the dog. Just watch the clip for yourself to view the eager expression, barks, and body language the dog displays as he vigorously uses his mouth in an attempt to obtain his “prey” hiding under the van. Because even the most domesticated of dogs has a bit of wolf in his/her blood.

dog destroys couch

Sometimes dogs just want to have fun
Photo: Rob and Stephanie Levy

Dilallo’s reaction, as evidenced on the video, is far from compassionate, however. Even though she claims to own a dog herself, one of her default responses is to ask the police officer assigned to the case to do something to stop the dog. During one point of the video, she even asks the officer to shoot the dog. Dilallo defends her position, articulating, “I’m like the most hated person right now because I said I wanted to shoot the dog, but I still stand by that.” According to Dilallo, the dog was “foaming at the mouth” and the blood was “everywhere.”

Officer Matthew Locke, the police officer on scene, took a calmer approach to dealing with the situation. His sole ambition was to keep everyone safe and, since the dog wasn’t harming any living thing, he opted for waiting for animal control to arrive to take custody of the dog. As Locke articulated, “My whole goal was to try to keep it contained, catch it and identify the owner and ultimately that’s what we did.”

The aggressive chewer has since been reunited with his owner who agreed to compensate Dilallo for damages to her van.

News Source: KFOR