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Volkswagen’s Refreshed Tiguan Teased for 2021 US Release

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Volkswagen's refreshed Tiguan
This colorful concept illustration teases the newly-refreshed Tiguan
Photo: Volkswagen

When it comes to modern Volkswagen vehicles, few are as beloved as the Tiguan. This versatile SUV has been VW’s top seller for years, with no fewer than 6 million examples produced since its inception in 2007. In an effort to continue the Tiguan’s success and momentum, Volkswagen’s refreshed Tiguan has been teased for a 2021 stateside debut.

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A look at Volkswagen’s refreshed Tiguan

VW announced on April 16 that a refresh of the Tiguan was imminent. While no prototype photos have been unveiled as of yet, VW did provide a concept illustration, which can be seen above. The new Tiguan will be released in two distinct versions: a short-wheelbase and a long-wheelbase version. The former will see release in Europe later this year, while the latter will hit U.S. shores next year for the 2022 model year.

In addition to its two distinct wheelbase versions, the new Tiguan will see variants of different lengths released globally. The standard model will be available in most European countries and Asia, while the extended version with third-row seating will continue to be the only variant of the Tiguan available in the United States.

More details revealed

Details about what to expect from the new Tiguan came during an April 16 conference call with Volkswagen’s Head of Product Marketing, Dr. Hendrik Muth. It was announced that the Tiguan will see a front-end makeover, resulting in a hood that will be “a little bit less horizontal” than the previous version. A few subtle design changes will result in a sportier look for the SUV, as well as a more “masculine” feel.

Other newly refreshed features will include new LED headlights, VW’s new MIB3 infotainment system, a new steering wheel, and improved safety technologies.

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Stay tuned for more information and official prototype photos as the European release of Volkswagen’s refreshed Tiguan approaches.