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Wanna Buy a Mustang in China? Well, It’s Gonna Cost You…

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Mustang in China

The 2015 Mustang in China: Same thing, only thrice the price!

Yesterday, the first exported 2015 Ford Mustangs set sail from the Port of Portland, charting a course for an entirely new market in Asia. It was also revealed that prices for the 2015 Mustang in the UK will be as much as nearly $20,000 USD more than what they are in the United States, which means the UK prices are even substantially higher than what Ford is asking in Germany.

Now we have an idea of what Mustang enthusiasts in China will pay for a slice of full-blown Americana. If your guess is that it’s considerably more expensive than what we’re paying here in the land of milk and honey, then you are absolutely right.

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According to CarNewsChina, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost Mustang fastback model with manual transmission will be the base model for China—similar to what we’ve seen in Germany and the UK—and will start out at ¥399,800.

Oh, no need to rush to Google to see how much that is in the US; we’ll tell you.

With the current exchange rate, that’s $64,373.

For comparison: the same model costs $25,300 in the United States. That’s a different of nearly $40,000 USD. The difference alone is almost enough to buy a maxed-out 2015 Mustang GT Premium fastback with the 50 Years Appearance Package and all the accessories.

At this rate, when the 2015 Ford Mustang goes on sale on Mars, it’ll cost 400 or approximately $2 billion USD. Get your ass to Mars!

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News Source: CarNewsChina