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Want to See Some Trucks Crash into Concrete Barriers?

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Ram pickup truck crashes into concrete barrier

Of course you do. Knock yourself out, champ.

Although you could probably enjoy this footage without ever even questioning its raison d’être, we’ll go ahead and share the behind-the-scenes story anyway: the Texas A&M Transportation Institute is testing new concrete barriers for the Causeway Bridge in New Orleans, Louisiana, which need to be able to keep vehicles traveling at 62 mph from going off the bridge. These videos show the (successful) test results.

In the first video, we see a Penske box truck crashing into the barrier. In Test #2, it’s a Ram pickup truck that goes toe-to-toe with the barrier, and (SPOILER ALERT) also loses.

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If you enjoyed that video, then you’ll love this alternate angle shot, which shows the Ram ramming the barrier in slow motion.

And finally, watch as the still undefeated concrete barrier destroys a puny lightweight contender.


As you can see, the barriers seem to be effective at doing their job of keeping vehicles from careening over the side. Hopefully, they’ll perform just as admirably when installed on the Causeway Bridge… or better yet, never end up having to see any real action at all. It’s a whole let less fun when there are actually people in those things.

Via: Jalopnik