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Warm Up Your Car’s Interior Quicker With These Tips

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2017 Kia Cadenza

Your vehicle’s heater has one job — to warm up the interior. Then why does it feel like the heat only kicks in moments before you arrive at your destination? If your car’s heater leaves you driving in the cold, you need to tweak how you operate the system.

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Cranking the dial to full blast will actually make you feel colder, according to writer Patrick Olsen.

“The system can sense the temperature of the air being blown into the cabin, and knows that once the air coming out is hot enough, it will increase the fan speed. Cranking the temp and fan to high only results in passengers being force-fed a lot of freezing-cold air,” reports Olsen.

Windows rolled up, heat on high, and your passengers’ breath will do a number on your windows, namely causing them to get foggy so Olsen suggests “cracking a window slightly to help keep them clear.”

If you’re alone, then you only have to worry about your own comfort, but if you’re traveling with others, especially passengers in the back seat, it’s important you keep them in mind.

“To help them, consider cranking up that fan, even if it means the driver will have to turn the temperature a little lower. That can help make sure everyone stays comfortable,” Olsen writes.

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Next time you’re faced with a freezing interior, use these tips to help get the best out of your car’s heating system.

News Source: Consumer Reports