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Warren Buffett’s 2006 DTS Fetches $122K for Girls, Inc.

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Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett
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Warren Buffett is primarily known for two things: being filthy stinking rich (estimated worth of about $73.8 billion as of January) and being stinking philanthropic (he has pledged to give 99% of this wealth away to charitable causes). Despite being exceedingly incredibly amazingly wealthy, Buffett is pretty modest when it comes to his choice of ride. Granted, his tastes are definitely luxurious in that he seems to prefer Cadillac and Lincoln vehicles, but he’s certainly not squandering millions of dollars on a collection of Bugattis and Lamborghinis.

“Through the years I’ve owned five Cadillacs,” he told GM Fastlane. “When I was a kid I wanted my dad to buy a Cadillac. I wrote him a letter while I was at the University of Pennsylvania and I started every word with a ‘C’ so I would get his attention.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be Warren Buffet if he didn’t somehow find a way to spin his love of luxury cars into a way to give back. In 2006, Buffett sold his beloved 2001 Lincoln Town Car for $70,000—more than three times its actual value—and donated all the proceeds to Girls, Inc. of Omaha, Nebraska.

Not one to ever be outdone, Buffett—after purchasing a new 2014 XTS in May of last year—decided to auction off his 2006 DTS, a car that he calls “a real cream puff,” for the same cause.

Of course, the DTS remains in immaculate condition. Buffett only drove it a total of 20,000 miles since purchasing it almost a decade ago.

“The distance between home and the office is a 5-minute drive so any car I own does not get a lot of exercise,” Buffett said.

When the smoke cleared after the auction, which took place between February 11th and 18th, the $12,000 Cadillac sold for a whopping $122,500 (per At this rate, when Buffett sells off his XTS to buy a 2017 ELR, his old car will wind up selling for a cool million.

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