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Watch an AWD Honda Fit Go Off-Roading

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AWD Honda Fit goes off-roading

Honda promotes the Fit for its fuel efficiency, its spaciousness, and its affordability. Rarely, though, do they market the small hatchback as an off-roading vehicle that’s perfect for your next adventure into the wilderness.

As this video of an AWD Honda Fit proves, that’s a big missed opportunity.

Take a look:

It’s no Jeep, but it’s surprisingly capable!

Sadly, Honda doesn’t offer any AWD Fits here in the states, much to the chagrin of all the Americans who want to go off-roading in their Honda Fits (all six of them). US car buyers have to placate themselves with the new HR-V, which uses the Fit’s platform as the basis for an AWD sport utility.

On the bright side, the 2016 Honda Fit is available in this great nation of ours as a manual with front wheel drive, making it possible to perform burnouts like this:

While Honda enthusiasts anxiously await the arrival of a US Honda Civic Type R, it’s comforting to know that in the meantime, they can satisfy their rubber-burning needs with a 130 horsepower four-cylinder subcompact.