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Watch These Cute Kids Describe Their Dream Mother’s Day Gifts [VIDEO]

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Still from Chevrolet's #DayItForward video, Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has come and gone (though hopefully you already knew that). If you celebrated yesterday by treating the most important woman in your life to the scrumptious Sunday brunch she so richly deserves, then this adorable video from Chevrolet will probably warm your heart.

If, however, you celebrated by not realizing it was Mother’s Day until 9:42 pm and then called your mom on the phone and lied that her gift is totally in the mail, then watching this video will probably just make you feel super guilty.

Crappy sons and daughters, consider yourselves warned:

The video is an extension of #DayItForward, Chevrolet’s marketing campaign that encouraged people to use the extra 24 hours provided by Leap Day to do something nice for someone else. These children got involved by saying nice things about their moms, ranging from “she’s awesome” to the slightly more backhanded compliment “she looks young for her age.”

The kids really shine when asked what they would most like to do for their moms on Mother’s Day. Answers include giving her the happiest day of her life, getting her hair done, taking her to dinner, throwing her a big giant party, building her a statue of a heart, and giving her an hour-long foot rub. The best suggestion by far, though, comes from the kid who wants to make his mom a high-tech teleporting device and a high-tech invisibility device (“really high-tech devices,” he explains).

If you can’t get enough of cute kids effusively praising adults, then you’re in luck—the same kids also appeared in a video for Teacher Appreciation Day on May 3rd:

Best part of this video? The return of High-Tech Kid, who says he’d show his appreciation for his favorite teacher by “putting a high-tech device in her wall that can turn the library into a really high-tech lab.”

Man, that kid has some great ideas. If the children are our future, then the future is going to be awesome.