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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car

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Modern cars are built to last, but the way you drive, the maintenance you perform, and a lot of other factors impact the longevity of your car’s life. The following tips from AutoCar writer Richard Dredge will help you extend the life of your car.

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Pay attention to the terrain

If the shortest distance between your home and work covers a pothole-riddled road or cracked rough asphalt, you might want to choose the long route. According to Dredge, you’re risking the health of your car’s tires, springs, and wheels by constantly traveling over rough roads.

Clear out some room

Garages often get overrun with stuff, leaving zero room for its intended purpose — to shield your car from the elements. If your garage is filled with boxes, gear, and odds and ends forcing your car to be parked outside, it’s time to declutter and start parking your car in the garage. Less exposure to the sun and extreme temperatures will protect both the exterior and interior of your car, Dredge notes.

Keep it running

If your car sits idle for too long (like weeks), it won’t function as well. The battery might die, the tires may accumulate flat spots, and the brakes might seize up, according to Dredge.

Stop at the pump

Sometimes the status of your gas tank can take you by surprise, but don’t make it a habit to drive on a low tank or your fuel system will suffer.

“That’s because sediment tends to gather at the bottom of the tank and if the engine is always running on fuel from the bottom of the tank it’s likely the pump, filter and potentially even the injectors could get clogged up, leading to hefty bills,” writes Dredge.

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Listen carefully

If you hear a weird noise, your car is trying to tell you something. Schedule a service appointment right away so you can stop a small problem from becoming a major (and costly) issue.