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5 Ways To Keep Your Hair Neat In a Convertible

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Blond woman with nice hair driving in a convertible on a sunny day

Whether you’re behind the steering wheel or lounging in the passenger seat, riding in a convertible is a great way to enjoy a sunny summer day. But an ensuing problem that has plagued top-down travelers is the issue of messy hair. When that wind whips across your follicles, it sends your coiffure into chaos.

Don’t let that morning hour of meticulous styling go to waste. There are ways to keep your hair from getting messy when riding in an open convertible.

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Pull it up

One of the most obvious and conventional ways to maintain your dazzling do is to hold the hair down by pinning it back/up or by tying it, such as in a bun or ponytail. Keeping the hair from flowing freely and out of the path of the blowing wind makes a world of difference in keeping your hair from blowing pell-mell and tangling.

Use a scarf

Another method to keep your hair maintained is to cover it with a scarf or head wrap that can be secured under your chin. Use one made of silk or other light fabric that can act as a shield without weighing down on your hair or head. If done right, you can pull of a delightfully vintage fashion statement.

Choose the right style

If you know you’re going to be riding in a convertible later the same day, consider making your hairstyle one that anticipates the impending gusts. For instance, raise it in a tight French roll or pin it up in a messy bun using a claw clip.

Go with the unconventional

In the event that you absolutely have to keep your hairstyle a certain way but can’t bear to drive with the cabin enclosed, consider spending a couple of bucks on a mesh wrap or drenching it in gel or hairspray.

Get a haircut

If you know you’re going to be driving in a convertible frequently — say, for instance, you own one —you might want to contemplate changing your haircut altogether and going with one that won’t be a chore to maintain whenever you drive. A pixie cut is a fabulous choice.

In most instances, hair gel and/or a secure hat are the way to go to maintain perfectly stylized hair. But don’t miss out on a sunny cruising opportunity because you’re worried about your hair. Sometimes it’s worth getting some frizz to experience the thrill of driving with the top down.

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