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Ways to Make Summer Driving Cooler

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Summer fun becomes not so fun when you’re dealing with a scorching interior, lackluster air conditioning system, and funky smelling upholstery. But, you can make driving in the summer a bit more comfortable with these tips from Reader’s Digest writer Chelsea Stone.

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Opening the doors to a suffocating interior will wilt your summer joy, and if waiting for the AC to kick in completely before you’re on your way will derail your schedule, this tip will help make the cabin bearable faster.

“Cool down more quickly by driving with the windows rolled down and the air cranked up, which forces out the hot air and allows the cool air to circulate,” Stone writes. “In a few minutes, when the air inside the car should be about the same temperature as the air outside, you’re ready to roll up the windows.

To avoid the pain associated with grabbing a baked-in-the-sun-for-hours steering wheel, Stone suggests before getting out of your car, adjusting the wheel by 180 degrees.

“That way, the side you touch is safely in the shade while you’re out,” she notes.

A solar-powered car fan can help if your car’s AC is on the fritz, adds Stone.

A car that sits in the summer heat can reveal smells you haven’t noticed before or amplify the ones you’ve grown accustomed to, like the distinct aroma from Fido’s last car trip or the grease from when your fries went flying after you took a hard left. In order to neutralize the unpleasantness, you’ll need to raid your laundry room.

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“Tape a dryer sheet onto the air conditioning. When you blast the AC, your ride will get a refresher, too. Stash a box of dryer sheets under the passenger seat for maximum deodorizing as you travel,” advises Stone.

News Source:Reader’s Digest