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Ways to Make Your Car Work as a Mobile Office

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2017 Nissan Rogue

Taking advantage of every minute of the day is the only way to get things done, and if you find yourself idling in your car between meetings or appointments, it’s important that your vehicle can deliver as a mobile office. writer Aaron Miller suggests investing in a police-spec laptop desk, which will free up your lap and prevent your suit from getting wrinkled. A less expensive option from writer Sascha Segan is a plastic front-seat laptop desk that snaps onto your steering wheel and is available from retailers like Of course, never use or even think about using your laptop while driving.

If you car is not decked out with the latest advancements in technology, Miller recommends using “a power inverter to run all your gadgets off of your car’s battery.” Installing a more powerful battery in your car is a good idea, too, if you plan to drain it with your devices on a regular basis, notes Miller. Again, if your car is lacking in the latest technology, Miller suggest investing in an aftermarket signal booster to maintain WiFi and cell service while working from your car office.

If you need to have hard copies of your documents or paperwork, Miller recommends keeping a printer in the trunk of your car that is equipped to run on battery power and connect through Bluetooth.

To avoid extra calories and unhealthy diet options, Miller suggests keeping a mini fridge stocked with healthy foods so you can power through your day.

Even though you are working from your car, you don’t want to look like you’re working from your car. Segan advises keeping a clean shirt or jacket securely hung on a real hanger than can affix to the back of your car seat’s headrest.

Once your car is equipped to be a working and efficient mobile office complete with high tech devices, always be wary of the temperature outside; don’t leave your devices in a vehicle to bake in the sun or freeze in the cold, warns Miller.

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