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Ways to Make Your Car’s Interior Last Longer

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Cars are lasting longer than ever before. And while a vehicle can rack up hundreds of thousands of miles on its odometer while remaining drivable, its interior can really start to show all that mileage. But that doesn’t mean you have to scrap your reliable ride to enjoy a comfortable driving experience. Here are some tips to keep your car’s interior going strong.

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Seat covers

As the years go by, your car’s seats can take a beating from spilled drinks, dropped snacks, sharp cargo items, and your pets’ muddy paws. To revitalize your car’s interior, consider a set of seat covers. Give your seats a thorough vacuuming and cleaning before you wrap them up in a cover. If you don’t, the seats will still give off stale smells despite having a fresh coat of cloth over them.

Leather conditioner

Unlike cloth seats, leather seats are vulnerable to drying and cracking if cared for improperly. Use a leather conditioner to keep them clean, moisturized, and supple. If you regularly park your vehicle in the sun, be sure to invest in a leather conditioner that offers UV protection.

Floor mats

Stained, worn out floors can detract from your comfort on your daily drive. And aside from cosmetic issues, snow, slush, and water tracked into the cabin can lead to rusted-out floors beneath in your cabin — an issue that’s virtually impossible to fix. Prevent this with some simple floor mats. Whether you choose carpeted or rubberized mats, you’ll be doing your vehicle a favor that’ll last for years to come.

Plastic protectant

Your vehicle’s plastic components, such as its dashboard, can fade and crack over the years. Prevent this wear and tear with a spray-on plastic protectant. These sprays will safeguard the plastic and rubberized parts of the cabin by preventing sun bleaching and dry rotting. On top of that, these protectants make your car’s cabin easier to clean by turning your car’s plastic into a dust- and dirt-repelling surface.

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