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Waze App Overview: Sometimes it Takes a Village

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Waze App overviewWaze ( is a mapping and navigation app which features real-time traffic information. Recently acquired by Google, the app is community-based, meaning users can create an account to contribute real-time updates. Designed to be used while driving, the app is simple to use and with just a few taps users can contribute new data.

The idea is that millions of users simultaneously update and contribute data points and traffic information regularly, which allows the app to create accurate and functional maps. Think Wikipedia of the map world – anyone can contribute and any inaccurate information will be cleared up by another user. Users will find useful information like road closures, construction, one-way roads and turn restrictions all to be accurate.

Waze is most widely known to be used for its traffic alerts, which are almost always entirely accurate. If an incident happens along your route or within a pre-set radius, you’ll get a handy notification. Slow traffic, incidents and accidents, and police presence and speed cameras are some of the notification criteria, adding incentive to always have the app running while you’re on the road.

Be prepared for an occasional ad to pop up for businesses near you, but because this only happens when you’re stopped, it’s not all that annoying.

The fact that Waze is free, accurate, and boasts plenty of features, we’d say this app is worth a try. The Waze app is downloadable on Google Play, AppStore, or from the Windows Phone Store.

What do you think of the Waze app? Is it better than the competition?