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Waze Carpool Service Now Offered Across the U.S.

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Waze Carpool smartphone app

You might know Waze only through its helpful and massively popular navigation app — but now the company can also help you find or share a ride.

Earlier this month, Waze introduced the Waze Carpool smartphone app as a nationwide service. Previously, it had only been available in five states and Israel, where Waze was first started.

Unlike Uber or Lyft, Waze Carpool is primarily designed to help commuters take advantage of existing rides, reducing congestion instead of adding another vehicle to the traffic mix. The app’s matching is based on finding similar home addresses and destinations. It’s also designed to help co-workers team up for rides.

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Waze Carpool smartphone app


With Waze Carpool, you can offer rides in your vehicle to other people with similar commutes, or find a ride yourself. Within the app, you can choose your rider — or your ride — from a list of “best matches.” You can filter search results for “same gender only” or “co-workers only.” Each rider and driver will be assigned a detailed, star-rated profile. As the number of Waze Carpool users increases, expect this matching tool to become increasingly precise.

The app is also set up to take payments. However, it’s not really a tool to help drivers make money as a side gig. The maximum rate allowed by Waze Carpool is 54 cents a mile. Only two rides per day (for both driver and rider) are allowed. The app also offers a program that allows companies to provide their employees with a month’s worth of free rides to and from the office.

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News Source: The Verge