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What Automotive Brands Would the Great Houses from “Game of Thrones” Be?

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As night gathers, we take a look at the similarities between the houses of Westeros and modern automotive companies

If Daenerys truly wants to break the wheel, then she probably wouldn’t get too far in the automotive industry

It is said that when you play the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die. While the stakes are certainly not as high, the automotive industry carries a similar spirit of competitiveness found throughout the great houses of Westeros.

Much like the characters in the critically-acclaimed series Game of Thrones vie for the Iron Throne, the brands in the automotive industry constantly compete to see who comes out on top. While there are no dragons or White Walkers to worry about in the automotive world, there is no shortage of scheming and politics to navigate.

Of course, pursuit of glory isn’t the only thing that the houses in Game of Thrones and modern automakers have in common. Look carefully, and you will find that several car companies have brand histories and reputations that reflect the players in George R.R. Martin’s epic.

Therefore, prepare to strike the banners of not only the great houses of Westeros, but also the great automakers of our own realm, as we determine what car brands the Game of Thrones houses would be.

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[wptab name=”House Stark”]

House Stark

House Stark is concerned with two things above all else: family and preparing for the upcoming winter. Even its words are “Winter is Coming.” Therefore, a brand with a reputation for winter driving and accommodating large families would be the perfect fit for the Starks. Such a brand just so happens to exist: Subaru. With standard all-wheel drive across most models of its lineup, Subaru would help prepare the Northern houses for the long night ahead.



[wptab name=”House Lannister”]

House Lannister

The Lannisters always seem to end up on top of the chaotic ladder that is Westeros, thanks to their cunning and resources. They are arguably the single most powerful house in the entire realm. If any one brand could truly capture the feel for the power that they hold, then it would be Volkswagen, the largest automotive company in the world. Just like House Lannister caused the rains to weep over the halls of House Reyne, Volkswagen has acquired many companies that were once its rivals. Plus, as we’re seeing from the fallout of Dieselgate, Volkswagen always pays its debts as well.



[wptab name=”House Baratheon”]

House Baratheon

Unlike House Lannister, House Baratheon didn’t rely upon schemes to claim the Iron Throne. Instead, it utilized pure, brute strength. Dodge seems to employ similar tactics in the automotive industry. While other competitors are creating electric vehicles and efficient hybrids to create mass appeal, Dodge routinely relies upon increasing horsepower to generate hype. The Baratheon words, “Ours Is the Fury,” even sound like something you might hear from a Dodge advertisement.



[wptab name=”House Tyrell”]

House Tyrell

House Tyrell is one of the richest houses in all of Westeros. Yet despite their vast wealth, the Tyrells are beloved by the common folk of the Westerosi continent. This is especially true for Queen Margery. There are plenty of luxury car companies that could reflect the opulence of House Tyrell. However, when it comes to being admired by the working-class citizens of the country, Cadillac best reflects this aspect.



[wptab name=”House Greyjoy”]

House Greyjoy

The Northern houses of Westeros tend to view the Southern houses as being pompous and pretentious. On the other hand, the ironborn residents of the Iron Islands share a similar view of the Northern houses. Indeed, House Greyjoy has no room for fancy trinkets or traditions, being a house born from war. A perfect automotive counterpart for this sea-bearing house would be Jeep. Never known for its refined nature, Jeep opts for a more rugged look and feel, much like the Greyjoys themselves.



[wptab name=”House Martell”]

House Martell

House Martell is the reigning house of Dorne, a land viewed by many in Westeros as rather exotic. Of course, as the Game of Thrones progresses, members of House Martell start making frequent appearances in places like King’s Landing. An exotic automobile brand that just made a comeback in America is Alfa Romeo. The vehicles in Alfa’s lineup are admired for their beautiful designs and athletic drive. Alfa’s badge even features a snake, a common symbol among the Dornish people.



[wptab name=”House Targaryen”]

House Targaryen

House Targaryen was once the single most powerful house in all of Westeros, holding an iron grip on the Iron Throne. Nevertheless, after the death of the Mad King Aerys Targaryen, the remaining members of the family were either killed or fled from Westeros. The story of the Targaryens is not dissimilar to that of Pontiac. At one point, Pontiac was one of the largest and most successful American automakers, but it too suffered defeat at the hands of the recent economic recession. Of course, both House Targaryen and Pontiac have their own devoted group of followers that would like nothing better than to see their beloved house/automaker make a triumphant return.




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There are many more players in the Game of Thrones, such as House Tully or House Bolton, and even more automotive brands out there. If you have an idea on what car brand your favorite Game of Thrones house would be, then feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

Note: All Game of Thrones images featured throughout this article are credited to HBO.