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What Is That Tiny Button on the Car Door Handle?

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Today’s cars have so much technology packed into every inch of them that you probably don’t know everything your car can do. Unless you take the time to read through your car’s owner’s manual (who does that anymore?), you’re missing out on some cool Easter eggs in your car. For instance, do you know what that tiny button on the car door handle is?

If you’ve never noticed it or don’t know what it does, we have the answer.

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How to use the keyless entry button on your car’s handle

key fob remote unlock car

Photo: The News Wheel

Many newer cars have a small square button on the car door handle, and it serves a useful purpose. As part of the vehicle’s keyless entry system, the button is connected to your key fob remote.

Instead of having to rifle through your pockets or purse for your key fob to hit the unlock button on it when you need to enter your car, you can hit the SKS (Smart Key System) button on the door handle. Pressing the button alerts the system to search for the presence of your key fob in its immediate vicinity (usually within 3 feet), and if the entry system finds the proper signal, it will unlock the door for you.

Similarly, if you’re leaving the car and want to lock it, you can shut the car door and press the button on the car door handle to lock the door without having to press the lock button on the key fob.

This minor button is one of the many useful features that modern cars have that not everyone utilizes. Hopefully this information saves you from having to dig for your keys anymore!

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