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What is the Difference Between a Moonroof and a Sunroof?

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When sifting through model overviews, trying to decide which vehicle you want to purchase, some of the features can be a little vague. While some models may list a sunroof as a feature, others may list a moonroof. But what’s the difference?

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There is technically a difference between the two terms, but most people use them interchangeably. The first thing you should know is that all moonroofs are a type of sunroof, but not all sunroofs are moonroofs.

A sunroof, traditionally speaking, is not made of glass; in fact, it’s not transparent at all.┬áThese are body-colored panels built into the roof of a vehicle, similar to a sliding door. Drivers can open these panels, manually or electronically, to allow light and air into the cabin.

A moonroof is made of glass, meaning sunlight can get into the cabin even when the moonroof is closed, just like a regular window. You are more likely to see a moonroof than a sunroof in most new vehicles; traditional sunroofs have become fairly outdated. Moonroofs usually come with a sliding panel inside to cover the window, should you want to block out the extra light.

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To sum it up, sunroofs and moonroofs serve the same function, but a sunroof is made of a solid body-colored panel, while moonroofs are made out of transparent glass. The more you know!

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