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What Should I Do with an Upfitted Accessible Van When I’m Done with It?

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Every vehicle anyone purchases will eventually reach the end of its lifespan, and that includes upfitted accessible vans. For one reason or another, you eventually won’t need that model anymore eventually.

However, unlike other cars that can simply be sold from your front lawn or traded into any random dealership, custom-equipped handicap-accessible vehicles aren’t as easy to relocate to a new owner. When you’re done using the upfitted accessible van you own, here are some ways you can get rid of it.

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4 ways to get rid of an upfitted accessible van

Donate it: Donating your vehicle to a local organization that provides transportation services for individuals for disabilities can be a great use for your van when you’re done with it. Like any car donation, giving your upfitted accessible van to a nonprofit organization can be tax-deductible. Plus, more importantly, it supports groups who do good for the community.

Sell it: Companies that customize and sell vehicle mobility solutions will be glad to buy your van from you. Used accessible vans are still worthwhile to buyers on a budget, and the distributor can find a customer that the conversion van would suit. If the van is in rough condition, it can still be stripped of its lifts and ramps and reinstalled in another vehicle. You can even use your sale as trade-in credit toward a newer model if you need one.

Return it: If you’re leasing the vehicle instead of owning it, your course of action has already been determined. Return the van to the distributor that you’re contracted with following the guidelines you agreed upon.

Gut it: An upfitted vehicle can still make a great everyday ride even without all the modifications. Have a knowledgeable mechanic remove the conversion components and return the vehicle to its original production version.

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