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What Should I Know About Motorcycle Loans?

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If you are struggling to raise the finances to buy your own vehicle, there are specialist finance options available to get you from a to b in a way that works for you.

Offered by a number of leading providers, motorcycle loans are a unique type of financial product that allow you to fully or partially finance your purchase. This covers a wide range of makes and models, ensuring that you have the best possible variety when it comes to the terms and conditions and what type of bike that suits your taste and lifestyle. 

However, there are a number of critical factors you should know before it comes to signing on the dotted line and picking up your new motorcycle.

What do I need to know?

A motorcycle loan is a secured loan, which means it is taken out against a tangible asset known as “collateral.” Conventionally, this will be the motorcycle itself and will result in the collateral being repossessed if you fail to keep up with your legally required payments. While it is possible to seek out an unsecured loan for your bike, it is worth remembering that these will often come with higher interest rates to cover the risk of default. 

While motorcycle loans come under the umbrella of auto financing, they often fall into a different category altogether. This is due to the inherent, increased level of risk that comes with riding a bike. This means it can often be more useful and beneficial to get in touch with a specialized finance company directly, as finding the right provider can help you secure improved choice and more favorable interest rates. 

What should I do?

Consider your options: Motorcycles are a passion for many and choosing the right brand can be a lifelong obsession. Before you lock yourself into a particular make and model, it is important to check what types are available to you based on your current salary, available time for repayment, and your credit score. Each of these can be limiting factors and should help guide your choice and minimised the risk of defaulting.

Shop Around: While you may have heard great things about one provider, it is important to review the market and get a sense of the baseline for your type of bike and loan. This can help you make an informed choice and empower you to help secure the best bargain possible for your new vehicle. 

What next?

If you want to find the right loan for your motorcycle, you can learn more about the options available to you by visiting and reviewing our overview of the best motorcycle loans on the market. You can also take a detailed look at our full range of services or get in touch with our team directly and let us know exactly what you need to find the right make and model at a price-point you can afford.