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What to Do If There’s an Angry or Suspicious Driver Following You

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Making the Most of your Driving Lessons

Driving is typically a mundane, uneventful experience, but every now and then, you’re faced with an unexpected situation–typically not a good one. One of the most stressful and panic-inducing situations to be in is becoming the target of an angry or suspicious driver who’s aggressively following you.

If you find yourself to ever be the victim of some else’s road rage or persistent tailing, remember these driving tips to ensure the situation doesn’t escalate.

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What to Do If You’re Being Tailed by an Enraged or Stalking Driver

  1. Don’t let the stress get to you–the more panicked you are, the worse you’ll drive–and that doesn’t improve the situation.
  2. Roll the windows up and lock the doors. Turn on the dash cam if you have one.
  3. Don’t make eye contact with the driver. You could try visibly apologizing if you cut them off accidentally, but it won’t always work.
  4. Take note of the vehicle’s license plate number and make/model/color. Get a look at the driver’s features.
  5. To see how insistent the driver is on following you, make four right or left turns. Only someone purposefully following you would drive in a circle. If you’re on the highway, get off, make some turns, and then get back on.Road Rage
  6. Avoid rural or side roads; stick to well-traveled main roads. Leave space in front of you in case you need to quickly change lanes to get away.
  7. Don’t let them pass–they can slam on their brakes and cause an accident that will be your fault and will force you to pull over.
  8. Don’t head home–angry or stalking drivers shouldn’t know where you live! Consider if there is someplace safe you can go nearby–like a police station, fire station, hospital, or other secure/monitored site.
  9. If you do park somewhere, don’t get out of your car right away. Call the phone number of the facility where you’ve parked if the aggressive vehicle pulls in next to you. That way they’re alerted that there’s a situation going on outside.
  10. Call the police to report the incident. If you’re being tailed by an unmarked police or fed car, the dispatcher might be able to let you know/inform the driver.
  11. Don’t get out of your car or make your way home until you’ve lost sight of the vehicle.

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