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What to Ponder Before Allowing Your College-Bound Kid to Drive Away

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Your college-bound kid is ready to hit the road to higher learning, but should she do so in her own set of wheels?

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According to Writer Jackie Burrell, there are several things you need to think about before you hand over the keys and your kid to college, like if your kid’s school even allows freshmen to have cars on campus.

“Some colleges don’t allow cars, preferring to keep their freshmen on campus making friends, forming bonds, and getting settled — and you may prefer that, too,” writes Burrell.

College is already an expensive investment, and depending on the college’s policies, you might be on the hook for pricey parking passes and the inevitable parking ticket(s), according to Burrell.

“Check your auto insurance policy. Many policies allow you to suspend your teen’s coverage — and save some cash — during the school year if he attends a campus 100 or more miles from home and is not taking a car. Your teen can still drive your car occasionally when he comes home for Thanksgiving break, but you’ll need to resume insurance payments when he comes home for the longer summer break,” according to Burrell.

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Another thing to consider writes Burrell is if your kid really needs a car of her own —perhaps the college is well-equipped with campus taxis or shuttle services or Uber and Lyft or other ride-share services are available that your kid can easily use instead of maintaining her own vehicle on campus.

News Source: The Spruce