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What Would Void My Car’s Warranty?

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What Would Void My Car's Warranty?
What should you avoid doing so you don’t accidentally void your car’s warranty?
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One of the best reasons to buy a new car is for its warranty that covers unexpected part failures and replacements. But that warranty won’t do you any good if you’ve inadvertently voided it.

To prevent accidentally voiding your car’s warranty, make sure you avoid doing the following.

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Don’t want to void your car’s warranty accidentally? Avoid doing these things

Neglecting maintenance

This is the most common way that people void their car’s warranty. If you don’t change the oil, maintain fluid levels, and rotate the tires at the proper intervals, your car is more likely to suffer problems. Because neglect increases the damage suffered by the car and the likelihood it will fail, the warranty won’t pay for repairs.

If you do your own vehicle maintenance, make sure you keep all the receipts to prove that you’ve kept up with the service intervals.


Vehicles are designed for certain purposes with certain limited capabilities. If you use your car for purposes other than what the manufacturer intended or push the vehicle past its reasonable limits, the warranty won’t cover the damage. This could range from street racing to towing with a sedan to going off-road.

Severe damage

If your car is affected by natural disasters like a flood, earthquake, or wildfire, the manufacturer won’t pay for repairs through the warranty. Damage from outside sources won’t be covered by the warranty.

Using the wrong parts

Read the owner’s manual to make sure you use the right parts for your car. Using the wrong engine oil, the wrong tires, or other parts that don’t match the manufacturer’s requirements will lead to vehicle damage and will annul the warranty.

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