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What’s So Special About Brembo Brakes?

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Brembo brakes are available for the 2016 Dodge Charger
2016 Dodge Charger SRT featuring Brembo brakes
Photo: FCA

If you’re browsing the market for a spiffy new sports car or bike, chances are you’ve seen a slew of accessories and special features included with models to make them more appealing and more athletic. In addition to components like the engine, suspension, and transmission, the brakes often get attention on performance vehicles, especially if they feature Brembo-brand brakes.

The way Brembo brakes are revered and advertised by car sellers gives the impression that they’re a big deal. But are they? What makes Brembo brakes so special?

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Why are Brembo brakes so popular?

If you browse online forums discussing Brembo brakes, you’ll find a lot of gearheads debating if Brembo brakes are superior, if they’re overrated, if their price is worth it, and so on. Many point out that Brembo brakes are prevalent because it’s more cost-savvy for automakers to outsource to Brembo since that company already has a great product — rather than spending the money to research, develop, and market a competing product in-house.

Because of the amount of revenue Brembo has from its sales, it’s able to invest more money in quality machines that produce outstanding products through higher precision and efficiency.

Plus, the company dedicates a notable portion of its finances and workforce to research and development, finding ways to use different materials and shapes. According to Brembo, it continually strives to “increase the braking power, improve the thermal resistance, reduce the vibration and noise, and extend the durability of these systems.” This comes from its 40-year history with Formula 1 racing, as Surya Solanki points out in an article for GT Spirit.

Brembo brakes
Brembo Brakes from 2017 Toyota 86 GT High-Performance Package

Brembo’s popularity also stems from the certainty of knowing what you’re buying. While you could purchase from other brands, you’re taking a chance with competitors who aren’t as established, whereas Brembo has years of reputability and experience behind it. People would rather pay for a name they recognize.

A Daily News Dig article explains that Brembo is known for its brake and racing system products, such as carbon-ceramic discs, radial-mount fixed calipers with oversized pads, and axial master cylinders. Like many products, the range covers top-of-the-line to entry-level quality, so it also depends on the item itself — and how much you pay for it. Performance is also dependent on the quality of the machinery around it (i.e. your car).

So decide on how much you’re willing to spend and if Brembo brakes are right for the car you drive.

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