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Where Does Your State Rank in Car Insurance Costs?

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Driving without car insurance is a definite no-no, yet the cost of it can deter potential car buyers and sway current drivers to drive without. Plans vary from provider to provider as well as from state to state; if you’re wondering where your state falls in the car insurance price game, worry no more— has released its newest report.

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Michigan ranks as the priciest state for the fourth year in a row. According to writer Penny Gusner, the “annual state-by-state comparison for average annual premiums found Michigan’s average premium to be $1,076 higher than the national average.”

“The high cost of auto insurance in Michigan results in many drivers unable to afford a policy but who continue to drive. Michigan is estimated to have 21 percent of drivers on the road operating without car insurance. A large number of uninsured motorists prods car insurance rates higher because there are fewer insured drivers paying premiums to help offset the risks taken on by the car insurance companies,” reports Gusner.

Rounding out the top 10 are Louisiana, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, Washington D.C., California, Wyoming, Delaware, and finally Texas in the number 10 spot.

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Maine is home to the least expensive car insurance rates.

“Quiet, rural and truly tranquil is how Maine is thought of and that also helps to explain why car insurance premiums are so cheap here. A lack of huge urban areas and congestion that metro areas bring helps keep car insurance rates low,” explains Gusner.

Ohio nabs second, while Idaho ranks third for most cost-friendly insurance.

“Ohio’s annual average premium is $919, 30 percent cheaper than the national average – though up two percent from last year’s cost,” Gusner concludes.

From most expensive to least expensive, here is the complete ranking, according to

  1. Michigan
  2. Louisiana
  3. Connecticut
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Florida
  6. Washington D.C.
  7. California
  8. Wyoming
  9. Delaware
  10. Texas
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Georgia
  13. Arkansas
  14. New Jersey
  15. West Virginia
  16. Kentucky
  17. New York
  18. Colorado
  19. Arizona
  20. Nevada
  21. Maryland
  22. Mississippi
  23. Pennsylvania
  24. Oregon
  25. Hawaii
  26. North Dakota
  27. South Carolina
  28. Massachusetts
  29. Minnesota
  30. Alabama
  31. Montana
  32. Washington
  33. New Mexico
  34. Kansas
  35. Tennessee
  36. Illinois
  37. Wisconsin
  38. Alaska
  39. New Hampshire
  40. Nebraska
  41. Missouri
  42. Utah
  43. South Dakota
  44. Virginia
  45. Indiana
  46. Iowa
  47. North Carolina
  48. Vermont
  49. Idaho
  50. Ohio
  51. Maine

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