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White House to Hold Electric Vehicle Datathon

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Tomorrow, in the waning days of the Obama Administration, the White House will be hosting one more push to promote electric vehicles with the Electric Vehicle Datathon, in collaboration with the Department of Energy and four of its laboratories.

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The event will bring together a vast amount of available data, as well as a diverse array of experts and analysts, including electric-car stakeholders, software development and data analysis representatives, charging-network operators, automakers, and city and state government representatives. The whole point is to bring together an array of data sets to discuss opportunities for improvement and approaches for continuing to develop electric-vehicle adoption moving forward.

There are a number of topics of conversation specific to the event, including what data will need to be collected, what information local planners need to help with EV adoption, and what further information can be garnered by considering existing information sets together.

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This has been one of a number of government pushes for electric vehicle adoption in the past year, including the creation of alternative-fuel corridors, most of which are specifically electric-charging corridors, and which may partly be funded by the fines from Volkswagen’s diesel cheating scandal. There was also the large amounts of government funding going to create charging infrastructure and to boost EV adoption to the Northeast.

Not to mention, of course, the fabulous “How to Be a Clean Energy Baller” article from the Department of Energy.

News Source: Green Car Reports