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Why a Minivan Might Be the Coolest Uncool Vehicle for Your Family

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Hauling your kids around to and from school, activities, and play dates means you are hauling around a lot of stuff. Have you picked up their backpack lately? It’s stuffed and heavy! Add in sports gear, science projects, grocery runs, and suitcases for that long-overdue vacation, and your vehicle’s available cargo space and backseats will fill up quickly.

But with a minivan you get a ton of space, according to Writer Apryl Duncan.

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“You can store a lot in a minivan, including that over-sized stroller system you always seem to need in your vehicle but can never find a place for, even in an SUV. Minivans have all sorts of compartments and storage space,” writes Duncan. “Some models also have storage in the floor.”

Plus with power sliding doors minivans and a step close to the ground, minivans are easy to access even for little kids, notes Duncan.

Minivans can be kind to your finances, too, since crossovers and SUVs are winning the popularity contest, according to Duncan.

“You can get a better deal on a brand new minivan than you can often get on a one-year-old SUV,” writes Duncan. “Not only can you get a good deal when you buy a minivan, you can also save money as you drive off the lot. Minivans are cheaper to maintain and have cheaper insurance rates, too. The savings can add even more money to your family’s budget.”

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Even with all its positive attributes — versatile seating, budget-friendliness, and accommodating space for your bustling family — you still might be reluctant to invest in one because you think it doesn’t accurately represent your style, which Duncan acknowledges and notes that just because you drive a minivan now doesn’t mean you have to drive it until the end of time.

News Source: The Spruce