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Why Blind Spot Mirrors Are Worth Your Money

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Blind spot mirrors are a crucial part of vehicle safety

When purchasing a car, many are skeptical of car accessories. It’s a big commitment to buy a new car so it can be stressful thinking about all of the accessories you need to buy for it too. Many people refuse to buy blind spot mirrors because they think they are pointless and a waste of money. Why would you buy something that’s just going to show you what you will see if you turn your head? Here are a few things to consider.

Turning Around

Maybe you can see your blind spot if you turn around. But until you don’t have to do it, you will never realize how unsafe it actually was. You’re not just taking your eyes off the road for a second; you’re taking them off the road for several seconds, which, at 70 mph, can be life threatening. Having and trusting in those blind spot mirrors will allow you to keep your eyes on the road, avoiding the risk you pose to yourself and others by turning around in the vehicle.

Judging the Distance

With blind spot mirrors, you are able to see exactly where your back tires are. When you are maneuvering your vehicle in small parking spaces or in and out of a garage, those back tires are important. Being able to see almost 360 degrees around your vehicle puts you in a safer position of control in the driver’s seat.

Backing Up

Backing into a parking spot can be tricky and annoying. It’s far easier to just pull into the spot front-first and worry about backing out later. At least, that may be the case when you don’t have blind spot mirrors. With them, you  may find that backing into a spot isn’t so scary. With those mirrors, you can see the lines on the ground. You are no longer guessing or using your judgment as to where they are and how close you are to the curb behind you. You can see it with your own eyes. Not to mention, there’s no more asking the person in the passenger’s seat to open their door to check if you’re in the lines – you know you are before you put the car in Park.

It’s Becoming Standard

As 2018 approaches, many new vehicles come with blind-spot mirrors, adjusting mirrors, or blind-spot detection built in. This is because manufacturers are recognizing the importance of being able to see your blind spot. There is growing awareness that the addition of these mirrors is important to our safety on the road (and in parking lots).

No matter what vehicle you drive, safety is the most important thing you can have behind the wheel. If two little mirrors on the sides of your car could help save lives, why wouldn’t you add them?