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Why the Dubai Police’s Supercar Squad Isn’t Just for Catching Criminals

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Dubai Police Force's Supercar Squad Catch Criminals

No one wants to see this in their rear-view mirror!
Photo: Dubai Police via YouTube

If you think the Dodge Charger make a cool police cruiser, wait until you see the beauties the Emirati police department in Dubai has. This metropolis in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most luxurious and futuristic on the planet–so it’s not a surprise its esteemed police force parades a whole fleet of exotic vehicles.

However, if you think these high-class cruisers are used for catching criminals, you’ll be surprised to learn their actual use is more domestic.

The Real Power Behind the Dubai Police Force’s Supercar Squad

Dubai Police Force's Supercar Squad Catch Criminals Bugatti Veyron

Good luck trying to outrun any of these bad boys
Photo: Dubai Police via YouTube

The Dubai police department recently released a video on its YouTube page, titled “Luxurious Super Patrol Cars for a Luxurious City,” which you can watch below. The footage showcases a squad of green-and-white supercars used by law enforcement officers (admittedly, the cars look much cooler at night with red-and-blue lights flashing along the city’s highways). These vehicles include:

While the high-performance vehicles would be ideal for chasing down speeders, most of the time they’re used for purposes closer to home:

  • First, these stylish supercars are used for many press conferences, community events, and publicity–including the one shown in the video below–to promote the police force’s presence to its citizens.
  • The appealing sportcars also attract the interest of potential recruits who wouldn’t normally consider a job in law enforcement.
  • The exotic car squad also exhibits the power and influence to intimidate any potential criminals from making poor choices.

If you want to see Dubai’s fleet of performance cop cars it’s heavily promoting, check out this video–which resembles a trailer for a racing video game:

News Source: Business Insider