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Why Manufacturers are Looking to Honda for Environmental Leadership

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This article is sponsored by Honda New Zealand.

History of the Honda logo badge
Photo: JD Hancock via CC

Even the most eco-conscious companies can be challenged by the delicate balance needed to create a quality product while preserving the environment. The manufacturing process itself is one of the largest CO2 contributors, regardless of what is being built. Businesses can benefit from following the example of manufacturing giant Honda Motors. 

Consumers want to invest in products that are responsible and manufactured through sustainable methods. The journey towards renewable energy throughout the world has many companies (including most of the auto industry) exploring how to be more eco-friendly methods.

The ruling principle originated by Soichiro Honda the company founder was to “leave blue skies for our children.” As a captain of industry, Honda was proud to lead his company with a strong commitment to the environment and future generations through programs like Honda’s Tree Planting scheme. His legacy includes advancements in auto technology aimed at the development of alternative fuels that could ultimately end the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Honda was the first to create and release an engine that was compliant with the strict Clean Air Act regulations. They were quick to share the technology with the rest of the industry. Even today, it is still considered an impressive act.

Soichiro Honda’s original commitment to creating sustainable low impact manufacturing of low emission vehicles continues today. They’ve released a renewed pledge to reduce their carbon emissions by a further 20% by the end of 2020.

Tree Fund

tree in field
Photo: Martin Sveden

In 2004, Honda began its Tree Fund Program. It started as an effort to confront the need for more trees across the world. The long-term goal was to manage growing carbon monoxide levels. As a manufacturer that remains accountable for their part in creating high emissions levels, Honda created this sustainable program to offset their activities.

Since the start of the Tree Fund program, there have been over 700,000 trees planted across the landscape of New Zealand. This year, as a celebration of over 30 successful years of various beneficial planting projects, over 30,000 new trees will be planted.

Green Projects

2019 Honda Insight
The Honda Insight hybrid

Honda is proud to build its reputation around its quality vehicles and their environmental leadership. They have several projects running at many levels that are both beneficial to the consumer and the natural world.

Alternate Fuels

Research, development, and marketing of vehicles and technology run by electric and hydrogen fuel cells.

Green Path Project

Investing in sustainable manufacturing practices to create a zero-waste to landfill environment

Wind Power

The Honda transmission factory in Russells Point, Ohio, is the first of it’s kind to operate using solar power.

As consumers continue to push for companies to adopt more eco-friendly manufacturing practices, many companies can benefit from following the example of Honda. A corporation dedicated to preserving the environment for the next generation is one to watch into the next millennium.