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Why You Need to Pay Attention to Transmission Maintenance

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To keep your car running well for as long as possible, you need to make your transmission a priority with regular maintenance checks. Consumer Reports Writer Nick Kurczewski learned the ins and outs about transmission care from Consumer Reports Chief Mechanic John Ibbotson so that your transmission will be able to go the distance.

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You do need to change your transmission fluid, but this change varies significantly among vehicles. It’s best to refer to your car’s manufacturer’s guidelines because some cars are okay until 100,000 miles while others need a change by 30,000 miles, according to Ibbotson and Kurczewski.

“Some new vehicles, especially those fitted with automatic gearboxes, have transmissions that are almost sealed shut, with fluid that’s meant to last the lifetime of the car,” reports Ibbotson and Kurczewski. “Remember that unlike engine oil, transmission fluid should never burn off. And a tell-tale sign of a transmission leak will be a puddle of red liquid on the ground, usually underneath the middle or front of the car.”

Whether you need to have your mechanic flush your transmission fluid is dependent on manufacturer’s guidelines, so before you ask for this service, be sure it’s deemed necessary, according to Ibbotson and Kurczewski. They add that manual transmission vehicles are not exempt to fluid need, but again, refer to your car’s instruction manual for the recommended type of fluid.

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Changing the transmission fluid is not as easy as changing your car’s oil, so you might want to seek assistance from an automotive professional.

“Accessing the transmission requires ramps, jackstands, or a lift,” Ibbotson says. “Even then, getting to the fill plug can require a higher degree of patience and dexterity than what’s required for a typical change of engine oil.”

Finally, according to Ibbotson and Kurczewski, it’s always in your best interest to keep up on and respond to any recall notices involving your car, transmission-related or not.

News Source: Consumer Reports