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Why You Should Have Fewer Keys on Your Car’s Key Fob

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A hand holding the key fob and other keys
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It’s not uncommon for drivers to attach all of their keys to their key fob. However, while keeping the house, office, car, and other keys all together may be convenient, it can cause some serious problems too.

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Damaging the ignition

If your key fob is carrying too much weight, it can damage your ignition cylinder. Each time you take a turn or hit a bump with your vehicle, your car key will move around slightly in the ignition. Over time, this movement can wear down the interior components of the ignition cylinder, especially if your car key is connected to an excessive number of keys.

Once the ignition cylinder wears down, you may have difficulty starting your vehicle. You may even be able to take your car key out of the ignition while still driving down the road. These problems and other potential issues can make for dangerous driving situations.

Losing your keys

Another reason not to keep lots of your keys on one key ring is that if you misplace the key ring you will lose all of those keys as well. This can be a major inconvenience, especially if you don’t have copies of your keys.

The solution

To prevent the aforementioned issues from occurring, it’s important to keep your keys on separate rings. Put only your few most important keys on your fob and place the rest on a different ring. This second ring should also hold any extras you have, such as keychain decorations and miniature flashlights. In addition, it’s wise to get copies of all of your keys and to hide these copies in secure locations in or around your house.

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Before taking your next drive, take a look at your key fob and make sure it’s not holding too much weight. If your key fob is pretty heavy and you’ve noticed problems with your ignition, you may want to have a technician inspect your vehicle.