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Wild VW Beetle Terrorizes San Diego

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Urban Assault VW Beetle

The VW Beetle looks like such a small, innocent car. However, don’t tell that to the citizens of San Diego, who in recent weeks have been irritated by a highly modified Baja Beetle roaring through the streets and doing doughnuts in parking lots.

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Check out the car, which we have to admit looks pretty awesome, taking to the road in the video below.

If you think my headline was overreacting to this car, you should know that the viral video’s creators called the Volkswagen’s drive an “Urban Assault,” and the city itself is taking the proudly displayed incidents very seriously. For one thing, before the car even commits the multitude of moving violations chronicled in the video, which include speeding and failing to maintain lane, the modified Beetle is probably breaking the law by not being street legal.

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In the video, the production team makes no effort whatsoever to conceal the identity of the car or its driver, which is just as reckless as the stunts themselves. The name of the driver is clearly visible, as well as a California license plate. If those clues aren’t enough to track down the team behind these stunts, the sponsors listed at the end of the video can always be questioned.

When the video was being filmed, several concerned residents called the police, and the department has assigned a traffic detective to determine who should be cited for reckless driving (if not more).

News Source: San Diego Union-Tribune