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Winter Car Safety: Always Scrape the Ice Off the Top of Your Car, Not Just the Windshield

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If you park your car outside during the winter months, you know that scraping the ice off your vehicle can be a huge hassle in the morning. You may want to hurry it up and simply get enough off your car to see out the windshield, but cutting corners can cause some major safety concerns.

Around this time of year, a Facebook post tends to circulate about removing ice from your car. A woman named Hayley Crouse urges people to scrape the layer of ice off the top of their car, showing photos of her car after an unfortunate incident. The car in front of her failed to remove a thick layer of ice from the top of their car, and it slid off and crashed through the woman’s windshield.

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If you don’t scape the ice off the top of your car, it’s likely to slide off in one thick sheet as you reach higher speeds. The sheet of ice becomes a huge safety hazard to vehicles behind you. In her Facebook post, Hayley included photos of her windshield after a large sheet of ice sliced right through it, nearly killing her in the process. The sheet of ice only missed her by a few inches.

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Thick sheets of ice from the top of your car are strong enough to break your windshield. If you merge onto the highway and accelerate to 60-70 mph, that sheet of ice is likely to slide off the top of your car and into the car behind you.

Even if you’re in a rush, take the time to remove thick sheets of ice from your windshield and the top of your vehicle. Taking these few extra minutes could save a life.

Source: Hayley Crouse (Facebook)