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Wisconsin Man Uses RC Car to Improve Social Distancing

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RC Car
Photo: Archangel12 via CC

Social distancing means a lot of things, like avoiding bars and restaurants (if they’re open) and touching other people. We might have to stay six feet apart, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a good friend. One man in Wisconsin, determined to brighten his neighbor’s day, found a new way to share a beer thanks to a remote control car and a bit of creativity.

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Eric Trzcinski of Richfield, Wisconsin, decided he wanted to give a brew to his neighbor across the street. However, you have to get within six feet of someone to hand them a bottle or can without any awkward movements. Instead of giving up and going inside, Trzcinski decided to get to work on a solution. As a car fan, he had an RC car with enough power to carry a beer to his neighbor. He even thought of bottle safety, repurposing the exhaust tip from a regular-sized car to hold the beer securely upright for its journey.

You can see the result below.

Of course, Trzcinski didn’t just send over any beer. It was a nice bottle of Corona.

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If you decide to get creative with your neighbors during social distancing, make sure that anything you do still complies with your area’s coronavirus restrictions. For those of us not so lucky to have RC cars and spare parts lying about, you can still spread good cheer. Consider leaving notes for your neighbors checking in on them, helping seniors or ill people get groceries, or other kind acts. Just make sure that you’re always washing your hands.