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With Maven Peer Cars Program, GM Owners Can Rent Out Their Vehicles and Earn Extra Money

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Maven Peer Cars participants can earn money by renting out their GM vehicles to other members

General Motors is making it easier for drivers to rent out their vehicles and earn extra money.

GM’s Maven ride-sharing platform will allow car owners and some lessees to list their vehicles to other Maven members for rental. Vehicles eligible for Maven Peer Cars include all 2015 or newer Chevrolets, Buicks, GMCs, and Cadillacs.

The Peer Cars service will be available through the Maven app. So far, a beta version of Peer Cars has launched in Detroit, Chicago, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. The service will spread to more cities this fall.

“Your car is one of the most expensive things you own. Sitting idle, it is a wasted asset,” said Julia Steyn, vice president of GM Urban Mobility and Maven. “It’s time to put your car to work. Maven’s peer-to-peer offering is a smart way for owners to offset their vehicle investment.”

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The Peer Cars service is available through Maven’s app

Vehicle owners can register their vehicles through Maven’s website. They’ll earn a 60% share of the money from each rental.

Vehicles rented through Maven are insured by GM, which carefully screens participants before letting them use the service. Trained advisers are also available to provide 24-hour owner support.

Peer Cars builds on Maven’s current services. City station-based car sharing lets members rent GM vehicles by the hour, day, or month. University campus sharing offers vehicles to students. And Maven Gig is for rideshare and delivery drivers.

Through Maven, drivers have secured more than 180,000 vehicle reservations and driving more than 300 million miles. The service boasts more than 150,000 members.

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