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Witness This Mad Max, Mario Kart Mash Up Video

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Still from the Mad Max: Fury Road and Mario Kart mash up

What a lovely day for a go kart race…

Director George Miller’s gas-guzzling masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road is probably the best action film of at least the last decade. Similarly, Mario Kart is probably the best college drinking game of, well, ever.

What would happen if you combined these two towering achievements, which both represent the pinnacle of their respective mediums? Well, you would create something incredible; something awesome; something all shiny and chrome and worthy of entrance at the gates of Valhalla.

You would, in short, create this pitch-perfect Mad Max/Mario Kart mash up video.

Witness it… WITNESS IT!!!!

It’s amazing how well these two entities fit together. The shared evilness of Immortan Joe and Bowser, the identical terror of marauders’ bombs and a blue shell, the similarity between a lightning bolt attack and the thunderstorm scene, and the sheer impossibility of successfully crossing either Fury or Rainbow Road.

And this thing is dense with references that gamers are sure to love. We actually had to rewatch the video a couple of times to make sure we caught everything, like this excellent shout-out to the much maligned Balloon Battle:

Still from the Mad Max: Fury Road and Mario Kart mash up

Our kudos to Kris Sundberg, who created this ingenious video and posted it to YouTube. For his next project, we’d like to see him attempt a Super Smash Bros. and Battle Royale mash up.

Pretty please?