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Woman Caught Using Mannequin for Carpool

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Here’s a face that will give you some serious heebie-jeebies:

That image is a mannequin with makeup on it wearing a hoodie. It was placed in the car so the driver could drive in the carpool lane.

A Washington State trooper initially pulled over the car for speeding. However, when the trooper got to the window, he noticed that the “passenger” seemed to be a lifeless body—the trooper couldn’t see any breathing, and the blanket wrapped around the mannequin’s legs wasn’t moving, either—so the following conversation took place, which didn’t reassure the trooper in the slightest:

Officer: “What’s up with your passenger?”

Driver: “Nothing.”

Officer: “Tell him or her to sit up.”

Driver: “I can’t.”

Thankfully, the officer noticed then that it was a mannequin. It could have been much worse—that same trooper once pulled over a woman who was driving around with her husband’s corpse in the car.

The woman eventually got a ticket for speeding and a ticket for violating the carpool lane.